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Vines Climbing up the Coir Ropes August 2012

Hops August 26, 2012
Cascade Hops getting close to maturity

Hops in the drier--8/21/11- using low heat and forced air fans

Welcome to the MICHIGAN ORGANIC HOPS website. We completed the building of our hop yard and planted our first (1,500) hop rhizomes in March, 2010.  We installed 100 black locust posts that are 24' long. The posts are set 3' in the ground leaving 21' above ground.  The cables were then installed in December, 2009 and attached to the top of each post in 480' long rows. We then attached 21' long coir (coconut fiber) twine ropes from the top cable and tied the lower end to the lower cable that is about 12" above the ground.  The young hop vines will climb up the coir twine in a clockwise rotation towards the top.  Most of the hop vines reached the top cable and production has been excellent for our second year.  For 2012, we tied up 4,500 coir ropes and it looks like we will have a good harvest.

We will harvest Cascade, Mt. Hood, Nugget and Willamette hops.  Our drip irrigation system provided much needed water during June, July and August which were extremely hot and dry.  We are using a drip tube with drippers spaced avery 18".  Each dripper will dispense 1 gallon of water per hour on the row of hops. 
We also had a successful crop of 6-row malting barley and rye that grew right next to our hops yard.  The barley was harvested with our 1955 Allis Chalmers combine in August and yeilded over 80-bushels.  This barley is available for home brewers that want to make their own brewer's malt.

Cascade      Traditional American Ale aroma/flora hops.  Adds a citusy character even if used as a bittering hops.
Mt. Hood      Similar to German Hallertau.  It is spicy, resiny and slightly sweet.  Used for American and German lagers.
Kent Golding  English aroma type. English Ale hop, resiny, sweet and slightly floral
Nugget         High alpha acids hop with good aroma.  Works well for Ales, Stouts and Barleywines.
Willamette    American cousin of the Fuggle but with a more fruity and floral note.  Used in British and American Ales
Fuggle          Standard English Ale style.  It adds woody, earthy and slightly fruity flavor.
Hallertau       Very traditional German hop variety
Sterling         Herbal, spicy with a hint of floral and citrus. The aroma and oil composition is very similar to Saaz

Organically grown hops for the microbrewer and home brewer market.  Hops are also used for medicinal purposes.

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